FACE - Plastic Surgery

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Facial Treatments:

We at practiceName are passionate about helping patients achieve their facial appearance goals. Utilizing both cutting-edge non-surgical and surgical therapies, drName will help you determine what personalized treatments can offer you the most optimal results. You’ll appear younger and more well-rested after drName performs one or more of the following facial plastic surgery treatments:

Facial Aging:

If we are alive, we are aging, especially if we get a lot of sun. Patients seeking facial rejuvenation join legions of people who have sought to reverse the effects of time. While there is no “Fountain of Youth” potion available to ageing patients, there are a myriad of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can help you attain a more youthful appearance.

Facial plastic surgery seeks to rejuvenate the face through reversing some of the outward signs of aging. Gravity takes its hold on skin, leading to sagging and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Our environment also plays a part in the aging process: poor air quality (especially for smokers), too much sun, too much cold and too little moisture can wreck havoc on the appearance of the face. Finally, deflation of the skin, due to a loss of volume, can leave the skin looking deflated and sagging like a deflated balloon, leaving the face looking haggard.

At practiceName, drName’s methods have developed over time to specifically rejuvenate a patient’s face while still providing a natural appearance. Plastic surgery, when done with discretion and restraint, can leave a patient looking like the best version of themselves: well-rested, happy and satisfied. Plastic surgery, when taken too far, can leave behind a patient who looks permanently “surprised” or alarmed. drName will help you plan a facial procedure or series of procedures that will leave your friends wondering what you’ve done without pointing them directly to a facial surgery. For this reason, each one of drName’s patient plans is different, as it’s customized specifically to what that patient needs in order to be his or her “best self.”

This approach to sagging skin, environmental issues and skin volume loss is the result of years of training in new techniques, including studying with global experts such as Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele of Gent, Belgium, and Dr. Bensimon of Portland, Oregon in the United States. Your consultation with drName will include a plan for your facial rejuvenation based on experience. All of your questions about the surgery and the recovery process will be answered. Please feel free to bring any photos of yourself when  you looked and felt your best. These will aid drName in planning the treatments that will help you turn back the clock of age on your face.

Other Facial Surgery:

drName can also help you in other areas that affect the facial realm, such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or the correction of problems with protruding ears. Whether it’s your face, ears, nose or neck, drName can help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals and will leave you feeling and looking younger.